Pray for One

Last year our Church read a book by Bo Chancey entitled Pray for One.  Pray for One is more than just a book, it’s a movement to change the world.


“Pray for One is a unified prayer that unleashes an exponential movement of God’s love. Praying God’s expressed will into your life will bring transformation to you and to every One that encounters God through you. See how a simple prayer can position individuals, families, and churches to impact eternity by effectively sharing God’s love One person at a time.”

We are reminded in Worship each week to ask God to bring “One” into our lives each day to share His love.  Most days, even though I do my best, I’m not sure if I made a difference in anyone’s life.  But today was different and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I was presented with a somewhat uncomfortable situation at work:  an employee pending disciplinary action needed assistance.  Often times employees facing discipline come across to those addressing the behavior as condescending.  Maybe it’s because they think they won’t appear guilty or perhaps it’s because they’re scared to death.  Or maybe it’s a combination of both.  In these situations, it’s easy to think of yourself as superior, after all, you aren’t in “trouble.”  I’ve learned over the years to keep my focus on God and His unimaginable forgiveness and grace and show that same kindness and respect to every employee – no matter how they come across to me.  Today, after I did, the employee shared how appreciative he was.  He said I  was “a breath of fresh air” because I took the time to answer his questions and provided him a sense of peace about the situation.

Today, my sharing of God’s love made a difference!  And it feels so good!



Link:   Pray for One website


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