Your Journey is Preparing You for Something Great…Life Lessons of a Career Coach


I was offered the opportunity to review a book by a newcomer to the field of writing, Ms. Michelle A. Skipper.  The title of the book was appealing; after all, who doesn’t want to do something great?  Her professional title also caught my eye:  Master Career Specialist.  It turns out Ms. Skipper has her PHR (Professional in Human Resources Certification) from HRCI (HR Certification Institute) and is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).  GCDF credential holders are trained to help people, both individually and in a group setting, make informed decisions when considering their own career development. In additional to serving as Founder and President of Empowerment Consulting, LLC, a career coaching firm, Ms. Skipper is employed as Vice President of Human Resources for a large corporation in California.

Your Journey is Preparing You for Something Great… is a beautifully written autobiography of the author’s life, mixed with professional advice to assist anyone looking to advance his or her own career.  Ms. Skipper stands beside you, serving as your own personal cheerleader, reminding you not to let anyone or anything keep you from fulfilling your professional goals.  What strikes me most about this book is the author’s transparency concerning her own life’s ups and downs and her genuine desire to really help others succeed.

This book is short and sweet and can be easily read in an afternoon.  But don’t be fooled, Ms. Skipper has a way of telling her story concisely, yet doesn’t forgo personal necessary details to lead by example.  Ms. Skipper’s book can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites.


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