Bible Study Changed My Life

Let me begin by posting the following quote from Beth Moore’s latest Bible Study – Entrusted.


When my daughters were in Elementary School, I remember meeting the mother of a student in one of their classes.  As we shared, I mentioned my faith (honestly, I can’t NOT mention my faith – because HE is the most important person in my life) and she shared she had a close friend with strong faith.   She wondered if our faith was connected to the life difficulties we both encountered.  Although I’m confident not EVERYONE who has a relationship with Christ came to Him in a painful situation, I would say LOTS do!  I know being raised in the Church played a role in leading me back to Him when I found myself in an EXCRUTIATING situation early in life, without parents to guide me back to Him.

That’s the reason I love this quote from Beth Moore’s latest Bible Study on the book of 2 Timothy.  When you are IN the valley, it’s the LAST PLACE on earth you want to be!  But if it wasn’t FOR THE VALLEY, you would have NEVER encountered Him as you did.  A time you were searching for the PURPOSE of this life; because you KNEW with all your heart, life itself CAN’T be all there is!




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