Pray For One – by Bo Chancey

This fall our Church family will be studying a book entitled Pray For One by Bo Chauncey. Bo is the Senior Pastor of Manchester Christian Church in Manchester, New Hampshire.

As is the custom for me, I must grab hold of the book the minute it’s available and DIG in! I am desperate to live as Jesus, although I ALWAYS fall short, and am inspired by Christian leaders commentary throughout the ages!

I have made numerous notes in my book already, but just HAD to share this quote from Bo:

“Authentic disciples love God, love people, and reproduce spiritually. These are the marks of Kingdom-minded men and women. They are consumed with love and purpose. The allure of this world and the distractions of self are no match for the compelling nature of following hard after Jesus. Authentic disciples have tasted the heavenly gift of living beyond this realm, and there is no satisfaction in the purely temporal.”

Can I get an AMEN!!! I’m looking SO forward to our study this fall!


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