Jesus the One and Only – By Beth Moore

So, I started this Bible study (actually for the 2nd time – I worked on it the first time years ago!) after attending Living Proof Live with Beth Moore the end of April.  I felt lead to BRING IT BACK TO JESUS!

I have been blessed by SO MANY nuggets of wisdom along this journey – but had to share the one I came across this morning:

“Christ reached the goal (our salvation and His exaltation) through suffering.  His road to greatness was a rocky one.  A painful one  He knew it in advance, and yet He set His face resolutely toward the goal and accomplished it.  Simply put, we were worth it to Hom.

No matter how resistant we may be to the call, our road to true greatness is also the highway of humility.  At times, it, too, will involve suffering, rejection, betrayal, and, yes, even death – to self.  The questions becomes, “Is He worth it to us?””


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