Beth Moore’s Witness to Me

Living Proof Life 2016

I remember the very first time I saw Beth Moore, in person, although I don’t remember what year.  Suffice it to say, it was LONG ago.  As a matter of fact, I just remembered my friend Tara was pregnant with her daughter (which I remember because she tripped on the sidewalk in Richmond and almost fell.  Debbie and I  worried because she was pregnant and thankful she was able to catch herself before falling to the ground!).  So, thank goodness for Facebook, her precious daughter was born in 2003, so that was 13 years ago!  I can’t even believe it!

The next time I saw Beth in person, me and the same girls (+1) went to a Women of Faith Event in Washington, DC, where Beth was the pre-session speaker.  I just googled that date and according to Beth’s daughter’s post on her mother’s blog, was the year 2007!  WOW, how time flies!

The most recent time I saw Beth Moore, was in April 2016, when we were extremely blessed to have Beth visit Norfolk, Virginia.  Her first time EVER!  Norfolk is the city where I work, so it was extremely convenient.  As a matter of fact, she was so close it was EASY to participate (and even volunteer)!  What a blessing!  I was able to give back (which BLESSED ME more than it did Lifeway) for the many spiritual gifts I have been given by Beth (and Lifeway).

What I want to point out in this post is the difference in ME in seeing Beth Moore in person.  I am so thankful to God (and the MANY Christian leaders who have poured into my life for so many years) that what I saw in Beth Moore, SO CLEARLY, was a woman who KNEW God and shared her passionate relationship with those of us in attendance.  I didn’t see a woman I wanted to “be” (like when I was younger in age and faith).  I saw a woman so in LOVE with her Savior, KNOWING HIM from an extremely close relationship with Him.  I wasn’t “star struck” as I was when I was younger.  I was GOD-struck.  The reason I recognized this change in myself, I believe, was two-fold.  First, I know how my life has changed as a result of meeting with Him and developing a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Him myself.  It’s impossible to articulate the changes His Holy Spirit makes inside of you, but your life is so completely different (and BLESSED).  You honestly feel sorry for those who don’t know Him and wish there was a way you could adequately communicate how must better life is with Him in it.  He is a TRUE FRIEND who never changes.  He never puts others before you.  He loves YOU so much and enjoys spending time with you.  And a relationship with Him, allows YOU to free others from filling the “God space” created in each one of us.  Second, I noticed, sitting so close in the arena, due to MY being blessed by serving, a couple of women attempting to take a photograph of Beth during Worship at the end of the event.  I could tell she was trying so hard not to be rude, but she shook her head – “No” – as if to say, she was Worshipping her King and now was not an appropriate time to take her photo (I would even go so far to say, she was uncomfortable having her photo taken at all).  It became so clear to me that her teaching is, and always has been, about HIM (not her).  She has made it known for many years when speaking, but it was so surreal to catch her in the act (when no one else noticed).

So, you may be asking, WHAT’S changed in me?  Well, for the first time, the fact that I was seeing Beth Moore in person, not to mention how close she was to me, wasn’t a big deal at all.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was very nice to be close and not easily distracted due to others moving around the arena.  But what I saw in Beth Moore, this time, wasn’t Beth Moore, it was GOD!  And what I FELT this time, wasn’t Beth Moore convicting my heart, it was GOD!  EVERYTHING was about God!

What a life changing weekend!



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