Living Proof Live – Norfolk, Virginia April 29-30th 2016

Living Proof Life 2016

The very first thing I want to say about the Beth Moore Live Event in Norfolk this weekend concerns my role as a volunteer for the event.  I felt led to volunteer for the many gifts Beth Moore has given me over the years by sharing her passionate faith with me.  Her passion CREATED a passion within me  to study His Word and honestly, affected my entire life (personally and professionally).

As a volunteer, I was honored to serve at the registration table (Will Call) and was provided an absolutely amazing seat for the event in appreciation for my service.  To say I was the one blessed would be a complete understatement.

I was blessed to work with Terri, a Lifeway employee whose team is responsible for coordinating 34 Lifeway events throughout the year.  WHAT a blessing she was!  The guidelines we were given when it came to “will call” were, in my opinion, a poignant statement of who Lifeway is as an organization.  Let me just tell you, I was NOT DISAPPOINTED whatsoever!  I can attest that Lifeway is an authentic Christian organization!  I was moved and changed.  Thank you Lifeway for walking the walk and ministering through everything you do!  May God forever bless your ministry!


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