The God I never knew – Robert Morris

As I prepare for Worship this morning, I’m reading Robert Morris’ book entitled The God I Never Knew.  The following words were so powerful, I wanted to share them with anyone who is interested in opening their hearts to the Person of the Holy  Spirit:

He [the Holy Spirit] values too highly the awesome sacrifice made by the Father and the Son to provide forgiveness of our sins to allow one of His children to live in unnecessary shame.  The Holy Spirit is a kind, compassionate, wonderful, sensitive person.  And He is God.

Are you a little afraid of the Holy Spirit?  Have you seen some bad examples-some misuses or abuses-that have caused you to keep your heart closed to the ministry of the Holy Spirit?  Have they caused you to shrink back when you’ve sensed the presence or promptings of the Holy Spirit?

If so, I encourage you to realize three truths before we go further on this journey:  (1) the Holy Spirit was sent to be your helper, (2) He wants to be your intimate friend, and (3) the truth that makes those two statements most amazing of all is HE IS GOD.

Thank you so much, Robert Morris.  You made me realize for years, while I thought I was communing directly with God, I was communing directly with the Holy Spirit [which is God, but a Person who dwells in me.  I understand exactly what you’re saying and KNOW He has the power to change lives.  He changed mine!


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