Group 2 girls Event

As I mentioned briefly on Facebook, I spent Friday evening in a Christian Mom and Girls event entitled Group 2 girls.  The reason I went was to hear my favorite local Christian women’s ministry leader/teacher , Sharon Thomas, Established Footsteps Ministry (A direct link to Sharon’s website), whom I adore.  I credit Sharon, an amazing woman who walks the walk, with deepening my faith; along with Beth Moore (whom, although I’ve never met her, feel like I am her close and personal friend) due to their passionate love of The Word.  They both created a deep desire in me to read the Bible for myself daily [although I sometimes fail], to enable me to FEEL what they felt, and what a difference He [The Word] has made in my life.  The Word being Jesus Christ.

Sharon let me know prior to the event, she would not be speaking that evening.  Although I was saddened to hear, I made the decision to immerse myself in Him this year [especially during this Lenten season] and thought God may have led me to this event for another reason [and I wanted to follow the Spirit’s leading and attend].  To say He [His Holy Spirit] was correct would be an understatement.  What a night!

The title of the event was Soul Selfie.  The speaker, I believe her name was Kelly Nobles, was incredible as she shared her heart with a room full of teenaged girls and their moms.  The Worship Team was FABULOUS!!!!  Honestly, if you don’t FEEL HIM during Worship, you have no idea what you’re missing.  The lead singer had the voice of an Angel – and lead me STRAIGHT to the Throne of Grace!  At the closing, I found tears streaming down my face without a clear understanding of why.  As I reflect, I am confident it was due to the Truth and Presence found in Jesus:

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” It happens all the time: Prayers which invoke the presence of Jesus during the gathering .”  [This quote was the result of a Google search on Scripture verbiage “Where two or more are gathered” – CredoHouse website.]


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