John Maxwell – 90 day Devotionals

I have been a fan of John Maxwell’s books for years; standing in the Barnes and Noble leadership isle for hours on end reading and taking mental notes.  What I have discovered, over the years of researching numerous experts, both Christian and non-Christian, is that Jesus Christ was the best leader of all!

These leadership journals by John Maxwell contain page after page of leadership wisdom, samples of practical application, and space to journal your action plan.

Two improvement plans

Growth Photo

One on Growth

Leadership Photo.jpg

One on Leadership

jmaxwell Leadership IS

Take Responsibility

maxwell Quotes

Change Your Mindset

I made a choice, after being miserable for many years, to not only return to Church, but to LIVE CHURCH.  I was blessed to have an opportunity to grow and learn under many wise Pastors; ministers who  shared life-changing lessons they read in The Word and Christian resources.  I started reading His Word more consistently, seeking His guidance, to become more like Him.

Growth Sample



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