Fresh Start by Joel Osteen

I am a fan of Joel Osteen.  Honestly, I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of his television program, but I do enjoy reading his books.  Joel Osteen is the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church located in Houston, Texas.  (I just had a thought….SEVERAL of the Christian Pastors/Leaders I enjoy growing with are from Texas…..what’s up with that….)

I REALLY enjoyed his latest book – Fresh Start.  As I’ve stated repeatedly on my blog, I have an intense desire to grow in my awareness of the Person of the Holy Spirit.  I am also seeking a deeper relationship in our communication  (in other words, my prayer life) as we enter this Lenten season.  I want to emerse myself in my faith as I’ve never done before.  I want to spend much more time with Him; “scheduled” appointments on a DAILY BASIS.  NO EXCUSES!


What I love about this book is the practical application.  I took a photo of a section Joel includes after each chapter entitled “Action Plan.”  He provides “steps” to assist in accomplishing the goals identified in the chapter.

Fresh Start Photo

I love that!

I also love the pages and pages of Scripture references in the back of the book, referred to as God’s Promises for Every Need.  Numerous topics  are identified (examples:  faith, finances, encouragement, grief, insecurity….) with several Scriptures devoted to each; which I plan to use when I meet with God.  If you weren’t aware, I’ve heard from some reliable sources that God loves when we pray Scriptures back to Him.  And I LOVE to hear Scriptures myself (read both silently and aloud).

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a FRESH “JUMP” START!  It’s never to late to accept Jesus and JUMP IN to a new life!  He’s waiting with OPEN ARMS and a HUGE HUG and, I have to tell you, your life will be forever changed!

Joel Osteen Fresh Start

Fresh Start DVD


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