A day with my grandchildren – Harper and Pearson

I do my best to visit my grandchildren every weekend.  They live very close to me and are so very important to me.

Harper Car July 25

Everyone NEEDS to know they are THE MOST IMPORTANT child in the world!

Harper Reading in Car July 25

I try to inspire my granddaughter to read – one of my favorite past times (especially when commuting to work across the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel!)

Harper Swingtin July 25

My Harper is an OUT-DOOR LOVER!  Her parents adore her (and her brother), which I appreciate more than words can express!

Harper on Trike July 25

She’s a beginner – but destined to be a professional!

Harper and Babies Cloud Watching July 25

Harper and Babies Cloud Watching with Glasses July 25

Cloud july 25

The forgotten art of Cloud Watching!  I found a rabbit in one of our clouds and Harper found Santa Claus!

Harper Loving her Babies July 25

Harper Packing July 25

Harper loves sorting and organizing her beautiful outfits!  She’s always prepared for a road-trip!

Harper 3rd Birthday Wall July 25

Harper’s 3rd Birthday Picture Wall – August 10, 2015!  Party Coming soon!

Pearson July 25

My precious Pearson – the happiest baby I’ve ever known!

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