The Past Week – It’s All About ME!

A week ago today, I was pondering my attendance in Established Footsteps Ministry’s Bible Study beginning the following night; a local women’s ministry annual summer event. I adore and have followed the leader and ministry of Established Footsteps Ministry for many years. The Bible study was scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings – no nightly commitment required for attendance (in other words, you could participate one night, two nights or all three nights). As a full time employee, working a distance from home, I try to stay home on week nights. But I really wanted to attend; deep down I knew I NEEDED to attend, so I DID. I’m SO THANKFUL I did! EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! As with every Established Ministry Footsteps event I attend, I was BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!!!! If you’re interested in this ministry (if you live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area – I would HIGHLY recommend it!), you can visit her webpage at:

Established Footsteps

Sharon’s event focused on the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis, Chapters 37-50. Sharon spoke of Joseph’s Dream, the DisasterS (I meant to capitalize the “S,” in my opinion, his disasterS were MANY and SEVERE) that plagued his life, and his ultimate Destiny – 50:20 As for you (Joseph speaking referring to his brothers), you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. Of all the nights of the event, I would say the night on DisasterS touched me the most. Not because of the DisasterS, or the number of years he suffered (which were about 20), not even because the DisasterS weren’t his fault. But because of the way Joseph dealt with the disasters and ultimately treated his brothers.

12 Sons of Jacob

When I went to the study on Monday night, I had stopped attending my local church of many years (not because of a particular reason – until His Spirit spoke to me this week/weekend) and had yet to reconnect to another Church home. I had visited a couple of local Churches, and even made a commitment to one of them; but had stopped attending on a weekly basis after a short time.

I was also struggling with numerous issues in my life; what they were don’t matter, just that they were overwhelming and numerous and I could see a change in myself as a result (a change I didn’t like). Although I was staying in His Word, there is just something about being connected to a Church home. There is something about standing in a room of believers, raising your voices as ONE, to THE ONE you adore – ALL OF YOU TOGETHER!

About mid-week, I read a blog post of someone I recently started following and was struck by a book the blog was promoting (and the contest he was hosting to win a free copy!), so I left a note. The following morning, I received an email indicating I WON! The book was sent to me immediately and I began reading before the week was out! The title of the book: I Will, by Thom S. Rainer. I am not going to provide details on why this book was so perfectly God-timed, but I WILL tell you to pick up a copy ASAP!

I Will

I Will

Finally, after spending many quiet hours this week with my BFF – Jesus Christ – in both Bible study and being still listening to His still, small voice; seeking advice from a dear sister in Christ; watching life changing movies on Netflix:

The Encounter

The Encounter Movie

Home Run

Home Run Movie

 the week ended this morning in Worship at Waters Edge Church!!!  OH MY GOSH – the title of the Message:


There were other events and individuals who played a role in my week -both positively and negatively; for EACH I am forever thankful. My life was forever changed by every one!!!!!

I have RECOMMITTED to Waters Edge Church – and I am finally able to say again – I LOVE MY CHURCH!

Waters Edge


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