Lazarus Awakening – Joanna Weaver

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Okay, not initially!  When I get home after work each evening, I do everything possible to LOCK MYSELF inside and stay there – relaxing and enjoying my family passing by as they go in and out non-stop!  I am usually pretty “spent” at the end of th day and require time to unwind prior to reporting back the following morning.  But tonight – it was a little different.

When I heard the doorbell, I was in my pajamas (which on any given evening takes about 3 minutes after entering the house) and unsure who could be outside.  As I stood pondering my options, I was excited to look outside the window and see a UPS Delivery truck!  I was even MORE EXCITED when I realized he dropped our packages on the front porch and drove away!  I went outside to see a package addressed to me.  I was SO EXCITED to see this package awaiting my REVIEW!

I am confident I will be getting into this one soon and may post a couple of reviews as I work my way through this fabulous Study!  Be back soon……


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