Bible Study Summer


A Year of Spiritual Growth

I made a decision this year to dedicate (schedule) time to study His Word and grow my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I must say it’s been an amazing journey-one I hope and pray to continue the remainder of my life.

At the present moment, I am working through the two Lifeway Summer Studies and have been blessed abundantly by what I’ve learned so far.  The “What Love Is” study, by Kelly Minter, is an in-depth study of 1, 2 and 3rd John.  Her continual reference to John’s Gospel has been eye-opening (to say the least)!  I am amazed at the writing’s of the apostle John.  His Gospel is considerably different that the other three – and I can’t wait to DIG MORE each and every day.

The “Seamless” study, by Angie Smith, is an overview of the entire Bible – emphasizing the importance of the Old Testament in relation to the New Testament.

I honestly don’t know how people can “do life” without Christ.  Some days are completely unbearable without His Friendship!  I am incredibly blessed!

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