A Way!


He Makes A Way When There Is No Way

Karen Kingsbury

#FriendsOf Jesus


Attention Friends of Jesus!


Following the rules, Striving for perfection,

Being the Best–

Nothing Really Matters if we don’t recognize

Why we do what we do

and WHO we do it for.

Karen Kingsbury


Plans for the evening

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about one of my television obsessions-but I have one!  Some episodes are more than I can bear to watch, but some are downright fascinating to me.  It’s difficult to articulate why, exactly; summarize to say my fascination with understanding the brain and how it works.


Criminal Minds!

On Monday and Tuesday nights I end up distracted (ION television) but tonight I’m FREE to do other things-like Bible Study!  I find Paul’s words to be true in that I KNOW what I will gain by discipline myself to be still and know (peace beyond understanding), yet I still allow myself to be sidetracked.  Looking forward to the evening with my BFF!  (Jesus Christ)

Lazarus Awakening – Joanna Weaver

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Okay, not initially!  When I get home after work each evening, I do everything possible to LOCK MYSELF inside and stay there – relaxing and enjoying my family passing by as they go in and out non-stop!  I am usually pretty “spent” at the end of th day and require time to unwind prior to reporting back the following morning.  But tonight – it was a little different.

When I heard the doorbell, I was in my pajamas (which on any given evening takes about 3 minutes after entering the house) and unsure who could be outside.  As I stood pondering my options, I was excited to look outside the window and see a UPS Delivery truck!  I was even MORE EXCITED when I realized he dropped our packages on the front porch and drove away!  I went outside to see a package addressed to me.  I was SO EXCITED to see this package awaiting my REVIEW!

I am confident I will be getting into this one soon and may post a couple of reviews as I work my way through this fabulous Study!  Be back soon……

Bible Study Summer


A Year of Spiritual Growth

I made a decision this year to dedicate (schedule) time to study His Word and grow my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I must say it’s been an amazing journey-one I hope and pray to continue the remainder of my life.

At the present moment, I am working through the two Lifeway Summer Studies and have been blessed abundantly by what I’ve learned so far.  The “What Love Is” study, by Kelly Minter, is an in-depth study of 1, 2 and 3rd John.  Her continual reference to John’s Gospel has been eye-opening (to say the least)!  I am amazed at the writing’s of the apostle John.  His Gospel is considerably different that the other three – and I can’t wait to DIG MORE each and every day.

The “Seamless” study, by Angie Smith, is an overview of the entire Bible – emphasizing the importance of the Old Testament in relation to the New Testament.

I honestly don’t know how people can “do life” without Christ.  Some days are completely unbearable without His Friendship!  I am incredibly blessed!

Lifeway online Summer Bible Studies

If you love studying the Bible as much as I do, you might be interested in participating in one or both of these studies this summer!  Let me know if you aren’t able to find the details online and you’re interested in joining me!

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We just just started this week-so it’s not too late to join in!