Thanksgiving Giveaway #JesusDailyBook

Jesus Daily Cover

This Thanksgiving giveaway is for YOU – especially if you’re my social media friend!  Honestly, even if you don’t win the giveaway, you will be happy I brought this Facebook page to your attention!

Personally, I had not heard of the Jesus Daily Facebook page; after reading the cover, I HAD to check it out.  The cover claims the page has over 27 million fans on Facebook.  Really?  I had to confirm!  Here’s my proof – screen shot of the page taken a minute ago!

 Jesus Daily


As I started to closely review the pages contained in the book, I noticed several details I loved.  For example, each month contains a special header.  The header is identified on a single page introducing the month – the page contains a beautiful photo and a Scripture reference (which I love – I really want to memorize more Scripture!).  The picture from the page is duplicated in the corner of each page contained in the month; serving as a reminder of the powerful Scripture.

Jesus Daily December

The actual Header page for the month of December

A couple of other small details I love:  The book has a bookmark ribbon!  I LOVE THOSE!  This added bonus saves much valuable time in locating the page to begin reading each day.

The photographs are beautiful and the colors are vivid!  I LOVE bright colors!

At the bottom of each page there is a tiny Daily Interaction section (if you’re like me, rather than do something for 1 because you feel it’s too insignificant, you do for none.  We MUST change our thinking – DO FOR ONE!  After all, we’re saved ONE AT A TIME!  And like the starfish on the beach, each ONE matters!).  The section is titled “Connect” and the message contains a practical way to share His message with others who need Him as much as we do!  For example, today’s Connect says this:  Message someone who needs to be reminded of God’s ability to carry them through their present trial.  Let them know you’re praying for them.  OMGOSH!  Have you ever been there?  Have you been at a place where you NEEDED to know someone could relate and had overcome?  I sure have.  As a matter of fact, reading that reminds me of a precious book a woman in my Sunday School class gave me many years ago.  Although she may have thought the gift to be insignificant, I can not express how much it meant to me!  I remember picking the book up daily, while crying, KNOWING in my heart she made it through the same trial!  Honestly, the book had nothing to do with what I was going through, it was the simple reminder she had been there too – and God helped her through.

Okay, okay – enough about me!  NOW, the important part!  The part you’ve been waiting for!  The giveaway!

Hatchette Book Group will send the winner of my contest a copy of Jesus Daily for your very own!  Not only that, a t-shirt too!!!!!

HOW TO WIN THE CONTEST!  It’s simple:  leave you name in the comments section (and you should probably leave your t-shirt size – if you ask my children, I ALWAYS buy clothes bigger than they need – I guess it’s the thrifty nature in me.  I want it to last for a long time – allowing room to grow!)!  If I have any entries by the end of Thanksgiving Day, I will select a winner tonight!  If not, I will select a winner on Saturday afternoon!

Good Luck!  And Happy Thanksgiving!  May you be EVER SO BLESSED TODAY and ALWAYS!

ONE FINAL TIDBIT!  If you don’t win my contest, don’t be dismayed!  This book is sold at several locations!  I will provide a couple of links below:


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