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I have been reviewing books on my blog for many years.  I REALLY enjoy doing it! In the past few years, I have slowed my pace considerably – there are just not enough hours in a day!  Now when I select a book to review, there must be something about the book content, or the reputation of the author, that motivates me enough to devote my precious time to read the book.  Usually I select books with a Christian topic I want to learn more about; although sometimes a great Christian fiction book MUST be made time for (I’m amazed how many Christian fiction books contain factual historical details).

Evan Nehring Author Photo (Compressed)

Although I wasn’t familiar with the author of this book, the topic caught my eye!  The book is written for young adults, offering step by step tools to grow their faith, before they walk away and miss everything God has to offer them!

Being the Christian mother of three children, there is nothing I want more in life than to pass on my faith to my children (and grandchildren).  I want them to OWN their faith, not just hang on to the coattails of mine.  The author provides this summary of the book, which I would strongly encourage EVERY young adult (or young adult at heart) to apply to their life:

Road Trip is the story of your journey through the big decisions of young adulthood. Many grads choose to leave their faith behind like a childhood fairy tale, only to realize later they’ve missed out on becoming who they were created to be. Road Trip is the vision of your own unique pathway – the one you were born to love.

Road Trip (Cover Wrap)

This book will help you:

  • Deepen your faith with seven core values to guide you through the five big decisions of young adulthood.
  • Enhance your godly passion for dating, marriage, child-raising, and family life.
  • Strengthen your abilities to handle academics, worldview, and campus life.
  • Increase your career prospects with a road map to craftsmanship.
  • Expand your impact on your world!

Choose today to set out on a quarterlife cruise instead of a quarterlife crisis! Boost your courage and confidence as you head out on your next great adventure! ‌

Visit the author’s blog at:

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