Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs

"God's love for us grants us the capacity to love others." - Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs


Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs

"Truth lays down the path on which God calls us to walk." - Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs

Children of the Day – Bible Study – 1st Night

As always, Beth Moore brings the Scriptures to life!  I always enjoy the way Beth points out so many important issues I totally miss.  For instance, I had no idea Paul and Barnabas had a strong disagreement and parted ways in Acts 15. Acts 15:39 And there arose a sharp disagreement, so that they separated …

The Unfathomable Power of a Dad’s Words

I joined a Christian Woman's Book Club this past summer and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience from the first meeting.  I have not often allowed myself the opportunity to read Christian fiction books (or ANY fiction books), as my reading focus has been non-fiction (in a never-ending effort to learn).  I am realizing, although a book …