Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs


“God’s love for us grants us the capacity to love others.” – Kelly Minter #WhatLoveIs


Law Man by Shon Hopwood

Law Man


Thanks to my co-workers Barnes and Noble Gift Card

I have wanted to read this book for a VERY LONG TIME, but struggle paying full price for hard-back books (although they are BY FAR, my favorite!).  I made the decision last week to order the book online from Barnes and Noble (cheaper than purchasing in the store) and I received it in the mail today!  I hate to put it down!!!!

Shon Hopwood was a convict serving time in a Federal Prison for robbing banks when, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, he was provided an amazing opportunity!  He turned his life around and recently graduated from law school!  What an inspiring story – one you won’t want to miss!!!!  Pick up a copy to day – it’s well worth it!


Children of the Day – Bible Study – 1st Night

As always, Beth Moore brings the Scriptures to life!  I always enjoy the way Beth points out so many important issues I totally miss.  For instance, I had no idea Paul and Barnabas had a strong disagreement and parted ways in Acts 15.

And there arose a sharp disagreement, so that they separated from each other. Barnabas took Mark with him and sailed away to Cyprus.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the way things “use to be,” we fail to see the amazing new opportunities God provides in the “here and now.”
Dear Heavenly Father, please provide me with an intimate encounter with YOU!  I LONG to walk with you hand in hand every moment of every day of my life.

The Unfathomable Power of a Dad’s Words

I joined a Christian Woman’s Book Club this past summer and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience from the first meeting.  I have not often allowed myself the opportunity to read Christian fiction books (or ANY fiction books), as my reading focus has been non-fiction (in a never-ending effort to learn).  I am realizing, although a book may be fiction (I remember learning that fiction = false and non-fiction = not false), that doesn’t necessarily mean the book contains no fact.  For example, the book I’m currently reading, I, Saul, by Jerry B. Jenkins, is PACKED with fact!

I Saul

This book contains two stories:  one story with characters from Biblical times and one story with characters from present day.  In the present day story, the father and son have a complicated relationship, due mostly to the way the father treated his son his entire life.  When the son becomes a grown man, his father becomes seriously ill; resulting in the mother’s decision to share “secrets” of her husband’s life with their son.

Once details of the father’s story are shared with his son, he’s provided clarity and an understanding of his father’s misdirected anger at him; due to his own painful past.  The reason I know this to be fact is due to the movie I watched last week (Ragamuffin) and my own childhood.  Please don’t get me wrong, my father adored me and worked hard every day of his life to provide for me.  But I still remember feeling extremely nervous whenever he would ask me to help him by getting something for him (which I would never be able to find) or taking care of something that belonged to him or was expensive or valuable (which I would inevitably break or lose).  I always tried SO HARD to please him and frequently felt I let him down.  My dad never insinuated I let him down, but his stern discipline, matched with my inability to do anything right, led me to believe I was a failure and a disappointment to him.

With my father passing away when I was 18 years old, I was never given an opportunity to tell him how I felt (giving him a chance to correct my misinterpretation of what happened).  But I’m thankful to have had an opportunity to work through my confusion and know without a doubt he adored me.

I would like EVERY FATHER to realize the extremely fragile heart and soul of his children and to choose his words VERY wisely and carefully.  Some words that are spoken can not be taken back (even though tried).