My Awesome Co-workers Surprised me TODAY!

Although I made the decision NOT to share my birthday with my co-workers, I really wanted them to find out and celebrate with me!  As I mentioned, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS and I LOVE PRESENTS!

At the end of the day, it became obvious no one knew it was my birthday and I left with no celebration.  Although I was a bit sad, I realized even though no one else knew it was my birthday, I KNEW, and I FELT SPECIAL!

Today, I decided to share the fact that yesterday was my birthday with my supervisor.  Deep down, I think she was tickled because I was so proud of my huge accomplishment (by not telling anyone!).  About two minutes later, I was called to a meeting in the conference room where my coworkers had bought LUNCH, PRESENTS, AND CAKE to celebrate ME!!!!  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!  They overheard my supervisor’s supervisor wishing me a Happy Birthday and felt terrible that they missed my birthday.

Although I didn’t have my camera at the time, I managed to take this picture of the adorable Birthday Card for this post!


 I was VERY BLESSED by my co-workers!  Such an amazing Birthday Celebration!


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