Many years ago, while working part-time at Barnes & Noble, I started a book titled Inkheart.  It was the first book in a trilogy by a children’s author named Cornelia Funke.

Inkheart the Book

Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke

The story, like all Cornelia Funke’s books, was a magical story for children.  The leading character, Mo, was given a gift which turned into a curse.  Whenever he read books aloud, the characters came to life!

Although the story was intriguing, it seemed to drag on, resulting in my placing the book aside with hopes of completion at a later date.  Needless to say, after the fire, I found myself unable to finish MANY books I had started.  Inkheart was one of those books.

This weekend, I decided to treat myself to the movie of Inkheart – released in 2008.

Inkheart the Movie

 If the movie ends as I suspect, I’ll be ordering the next two books in the trilogy pretty darned soon!



 Stay tuned….


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