An Unbelievable letter in my mailbox….

When I arrived home from work on Friday night, I checked the mailbox (as I usually do).  Upon first glance, I was a bit shocked at the name and address on the return label of one of the items.  To be completely honest, I hesitated to open the envelope; worried about the verbiage contained within.

There are several reasons for my concern about this item – a lot, I believe, has to do with our communication (or lack thereof).  People have various ways to communicate with one another.  Some show appreciation with words (verbally and/or in writing), some with gifts, some with music, some not at all….  I happen to be a person who loves to communicate with written (and verbal) word!  I’m not sure if it comes from my love of reading or my love to document thoughts to savor in the future.  Being the child of parents who passed away so long ago, I cherish every picture, word, or item I have given to me by either of them.  My sister too.  There is no value high enough that can be associated with any one of them.

MUCH to my surprise, the letter within had to be ONE OF THE NICEST letters I have received in my entire life.  The letter was from someone who means a GREAT DEAL to our family; someone I sense has difficulty in communicating their feelings to those closest to them.  The words contained in this letter were of life-changing value.  I will always cherish this letter and am planning to communicate my appreciation in words in the very near future.

If YOU are the individual who provided this amazing gift, please know how much it meant to me and always will!  I love you too, from the bottom of my heart!


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