July 31, 2014 will mark 18,932 days

On July 31, 2014, I will be exactly 18,932 days old and that would have been the last time my birth mother saw me….except, I don’t believe she ever saw me (which I can understand completely – being a mom).  After giving birth to three precious children myself, I can still remember the way I felt the very first moment I saw each one of them.  It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to give them away; even knowing it would be BEST for them.

Tomorrow, July 31, 2014, I will be REUNITED with my birth mother!  I will meet her face to face – along with my oldest sister (whom I’ve not met, but have gotten to know VERY WELL via text and telephone).  My other older sister, Diane, will be traveling with me – so we will ALL be together for the VERY FIRST TIME!  (Notice I am sure to point out BOTH of my sisters are older than I am – making me the BABY – a title I have known and worn well my entire life!)

If I receive permission from them, I will be posting pictures after my trip.  If not, I will share my journey in word-pictures!  Please be in prayer for all of us as we enter a new chapter in our lives!


Brother, Can you Spare a Dime Book Review – AND A CONTEST!

Brother, Can you Spare a Dime by Ken Dalton is a mystery unlike any you’ve read!

It’s not only a page-turner, it’s a hoot!

Tribute books-frontCover


Without giving too much of the story away, this action packed mystery contains several things I LOVE to read about:  TRAVEL (within the United States, as well as internationally) and the vivily described vacation spots (I hope to see myself one day)!

Ken's Bio Photo 4-23

Ken Dalton’s Bio:

Ken was born in 1938 at Hollywood Hospital. He grew up in Los Angeles with his parents, his older sister and younger brother.

In a turn of bad luck, the dreaded Polio virus attacked Ken at the age of five. By the age of sixteen, after eleven years of operations, therapy, and braces to mitigate the effects of Polio, Ken’s luck changed when he met the girl of his dreams. A few years later they married, produced three wonderful children, and settled into a happy life in Southern California.

In 1966, Ken and his family moved to the green hills of Sonoma County where they bought a home surrounded with apple trees.

Some time later, Ken, designed, built, and operated a small winery that produced award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Then, in a moment of madness, Ken began writing. His first article was published in Golf Illustrated. Many more golf articles followed in national and regional magazines including Golf Magazine and Fairways and Greens. Eventually Ken felt the urge to write his first novel.

Now, after the publication of The Bloody Birthright, The Big Show Stopper, Death is a Cabernet, and The Tartan Shroud, Ken has published his latest Pinky and Bear mystery, Brother, can you spare a dime?

You can follow Ken on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/KenDaltonMysteryWriter

Ken’s web site:  http://www.kendalton.com/

Cliff hanger contest:

Brother, can you spare a dime? ends with a prize winning cliff hanger that defies all logic.

Let Ken know how you would answer the question and he will choose the two answers he likes the best. Both winners will receive a complete paperback set of his Pinky and Bear mystery series.  GOOD LUCK!

Another Lesson Learned at Camp Joshua!

The Nobel at Gladstone

Shinya Yamanaka MD, PhD, a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes, won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of how to transform ordinary adult skin cells into cells that, like embryonic stem cells, can then develop into virtually any other type of cell in the body.
He called them induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells. Dr. Yamanaka received the award in December of 2012 at the Nobel ceremony in Stockholm. Dr. Yamanaka’s discovery has altered the fields of cell biology and stem cell research—and opened promising new prospects for the future of both personalized and regenerative medicine.
The Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm
Sweden: 2012 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony
Nobel 2012

An AMAZING Author and An AMAZING Story

HP Weekend

Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family


HP Logo

You may or may not be familiar with the Harry Potter movies.  You may or may not know the movies were based on a series of books written by an unknown author by the name of J K Rowling.  By this time, you most likely know J K Rowling is a female author who became a HUGE success (she is now the richest woman in Britain – and possibly the WORLD) when her Harry Potter books became a world-sensation years ago.

JK Rowling and the Kids Older

When the books initially came out, I remember there being MUCH Christian turmoil over them.  The idea of books written about wizards turned several Christian adults in a tail-spin.  Initially, I was not one bit interested in the Harry Potter books or movies, UNTIL I read the story of J K Rowling’s personal life.  Although I read the biography (and watched a movie about her life a few years later), there are only a few details I remember.  First and foremost, J K Rowling had NOTHING when she wrote her first Harry Potter book.  When I say nothing, I MEAN NOTHING!  She was extremely POOR!  And as I shared above, she is now the RICHEST woman in Britain!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE THAT!  I love a fairy tale ending!  I love that publishers turned down her first Harry Potter book – as if it wasn’t a worthy read.  I bet those publishers kicks themselves EVERY DAY for that decision.  I believe I’m correct in remembering that Scholastic paid the most they had EVER paid for a children’s book – $1 million dollars.

Potter Books

Another detail I remember, SEVERAL of her “friends” turned their backs on her when she was down and out.  When she asked for help, they told her NO (and they probably gave her a list of excuses to justify why they couldn’t help).   I have a feeling those “friends” kick themselves EVERY DAY too!  (Not because they aren’t privy to her wealth – but because of the constant reminder every time they see the name J K Rowling or the name Harry Potter – of their unwillingness to help a friend.)

But the most worthy detail I remember occurred Friday evening, July 20. 2007.  At the time, my girls were in daycare and summer daycare expenses (full time care every week) required me to obtain a part-time job to make ends meet.  I LOVED my part time job – I worked at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.  That night I was REQUIRED to work – along with EVERY OTHER EMPLOYEE at EVERY BARNES AND NOBLE bookstore – EVERY BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD!  The morning of July 21, 2007 the 7th and final book in the Harry Potter series was being released.  Literally at 00:01 in the morning the cash registers began singing at our store – and with EVERY REGISTER OPEN – they continued to sing for more than 2 hours (non-stop)!  I have never experienced so much excitement in my life!


The festivities began hours before the sales (Harry Potter games and treats with employees dressed in Harry Potter garb) with THOUSANDS of customers inside AND outside the store – waiting to purchase their copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!  Keep in mind, these thousands of individuals were standing in line for HOURS to purchase a BOOK!  They were a small portion of the many people visiting bookstores all over the world to purchase The Deathly Hallows.  It was reported the first 24 hour sales totalled 8.3 million copies  (the fastest selling book in history!)  I would LOVE to be able to write a book that MILLIONS of people (old and young alike) would stand in line to purchase at MIDNIGHT – and return home to READ ALL NIGHT!

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies, you know that GOOD ALWAYS DEFEATS EVIL!   You know that Harry Potter was a nice young man who always CHOSE good and always did the right thing.  He was a good role model for all of us today.  Concerning the wizardry – I don’t really pay too much attention to it.  It’s a make-believe world – simply stated, it’s make believe.  If I’ve sparked your interest in Harry Potter – it’s NOT TOO LATE!!!  The bookstores still sell the books and the movies still air on television from time to time.  If all else fails, you can purchase the DVDs!

Potter Crew