Mess to Masterpiece (in progress) – Limitless Life Blog Hop – Week 2

Week 2, Chapter 4, of our current P31 On-line Bible Study, Limitless Life, is entitled From Orphan to Adopted.  In light of the place I find my own life at this moment, I find this to be, yet ANOTHER, God-thing.



 “People live out of either the hurt they feel or the healing Jesus provides.”

As always, I have highlighted, boxed, and stared the chapter to pieces!  There are so many words of wisdom, I have to note a couple below:

“The sense of belonging, of being part of a family, has an invaluable impact on our identities, and when that is missing, it can interfere with everything we try to do in life.”

“When we allow daddy wounds to limit our lives, we become anonymous people.  When we are not connected to God our Father, we do not know who we are – we feel orphaned – and lose the capacity to discover our uniqueness.”

“As I look back with a heart protected by Jesus and eyes that can now see my father’s own wounded heart, I understand he was just trying to encourage his son.”

“When we wallow in self-pity, the pain or event that caused the pain only gets worse.  It magnifies.”

 “I loved the time with him because he would talk to me about life.  And he would buy me dinner from McDonald’s too.  It feels good to know someone cares about you.”

When I was 18 years old, I lost both of my parents.  My mother passed away of a heart attack and two months later we found out my father had cancer.  He passed away eight months later, leaving me devastated.  My mother was my rock.  My father was my Daddy.  My mother was my spiritual mentor; when she died, I was furious with God.  I never thought I would EVER recover – let alone get past it.  Without the love of so many Christians God placed in my life (Jesus in skin), I have no doubt my story would have ended much differently.  I started attending an amazing Church in 1991 and the members have loved me back to Christ ever since.  I cannot say I’m magnificent, but I can say HE is making me more like Him every day.  I am so thankful to God for providing for me every step of my journey!

What I find to be odd about Pator Gray’s book is that, although my life was very different from his, there are so many thoughts/emotions I felt too!  In this chapter, he talks about his coach.  How he wanted what his coach had but didn’t know what IT was.  I had the exact thought about my mother.  I didn’t know what IT was, I just knew I wanted it!  It was JESUS in her!  I’m so thankful HE (and the many He placed in my life) carried me there!


6 thoughts on “Mess to Masterpiece (in progress) – Limitless Life Blog Hop – Week 2”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! Isn’t interesting how God weaves people into our lives to draw us back or closer to Him! To Him be the Glory! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your testimony I greatly enjoyed reading how God changed your life. I can relate to Pastor Gray in so many ways too. This book is speaking to your heart just like it is speaking to mine.

    Natalie Kolnacki, Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team

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