Weekend Getaway – A TRIP/MEMORY of a LIFE-TIME!

Last weekend, my husband and I took a trip (the beginning of a new journey) to North Carolina.  Honestly, I don’t travel much, so taking a trip is really momumental for me.  

An amazing lady I know (Carolyn Marshall) shared a fabulous truth with me long ago:  There is a season in life for everything.  I return to this truth over and over again.  THIS SEASON in my life I believe is for FAMILY (old and new)!  I have three amazing, beautiful children and I am HONORED to be their mother.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for any of them (my daugher-in-law and granddaughter included!).  To further expand on this season of life, I was blessed with an ephiphany several years ago (another life changing event) and I would love to share it with you – I am the ONLY person these three individuals will EVER HAVE in their entire life to call MOTHER.  Suddenly, this often overlooked, unappreciated, “job” became HUGE TO ME!  If you stop and REALLY think about it, it should be HUGE to EVERY MOTHER!  (Another reason I cling to this thought is that I was INCREDIBLY blessed with an AMAZING MOTHER!  Not one single day goes by in my life that I don’t think about her and miss her (and the incredible difference she made in my life in the precious 18 years I had her)!)

Back to our trip to North Carolina – the purpose of this trip scared me more than words can express.  Our trip to North Carolina was for me to meet my sister.  (If you haven’t been following my journey, feel free to go back a few posts – you can catch up pretty quickly.)  I asked permission from my sister prior to disclosing this information on my blog or on Facebook, because, although it’s an amazing blessing to me, I wasn’t sure if it truly was to her – or if she would be willing for me to share our story with the on-line world!  She told me she didn’t mind one bit (she wasn’t worried about anyone knowing we were related or what questions might arise out of the disclosure!)  WOW!  I was PLEASED and SHOCKED beyond words (I’m not really sure why)!

After reading what I wrote above, you might be thinking:  how could “meeting your sister” be scary?  Let me suffice it to say, What if she didn’t like me?  What if she didn’t want to BE my sister?  What if she didn’t want to stay in touch with me (after we met)?  

What I have discovered since April 15, 2014 is this:  Now that I was provided the name and contact information of my birth mother and siblings, what if, after meeting, they don’t like me?  Or don’t want to be “related” to me?  Or don’t want to keep in touch with me?  What if….what if…..what if…..

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK DIANE (in WRITING) for NOT ONLY being the most amazing sister, but for accepting me with OPEN ARMS – JUST LIKE FAMILY!!!!  For anyone reading this post who knew MY FAMILY (I will always refer to my mom, dad and sister, Tammy, as MY FAMILY.  MY NEW family – my birth family, although extremely special to me, will never replace MY FAMILY – and I KNOW they don’t want or expect to).  If you are the type of person who struggles with loving others that aren’t “blood related,” you may have difficulty understanding this. If you are not a Christian, (REAL CHRISTIAN – someone who loves like Jesus did – although not perfectly like He did) you may not be able to understand what I wrote – however, it makes perfect sense to me – and I am able to communicate my thoughts without one bit of hesitation or honesty.

One more time, back to the trip to North Carolina – when we arrived at Diane’s beautiful home, she and her husband were sitting on their front porch, waiting for our arrival.  When I eventually got out of my husband’s car (it’s SO LOW to the ground!) my sister and I immediately embraced and held one another for a few, TIGHT, moments.  I have to say, I have never felt anything so perfectly natural in my entire life.  There was no concern as to what kind of person Diane was, because I already KNEW (deep in my soul).  DIANE WAS MY SISTER!  The rest of the weekend was much like the first moment – I had a WONDERFUL TIME!  Diane and I have SO MUCH in common, it’s hard to believe.  We talked and looked at pictures and “got to know one another” and I KNOW she will be a VERY IMPORTANT part of my life forever!

So, what you’ve been waiting for, PICTURES!!!!  Let me know if you think we look alike?  




You may be wondering what this photo is all about (if you know ME, you probably think it’s just a normal pose).  Diane showed me a picture of my birth mother (our mother) standing like this.  Although my mother (MY FAMILY) was NOTHING LIKE THIS – I guess the gift of “DRAMA” is in MY BLOOD.

Another thing Diane did, which spoke VOLUMES to me, was purchase luminaries at her Relay for Life (another reason we went down – to help with her huge volunteer responsiblity) for MY FAMILY (both my dad and my sister passed away from cancer – in 1981 and 1996).  I took a picture of those too.



I will be posting many blogs about this amazing sister (and I hope of my other amazing sister and birth mother-I haven’t met them in person or received their permission-although I have shared many telephone conversations, mailings, and text messages) in the future.  As a matter of fact, Diane and I are planning a trip this summer for me to meet my birth mother and other sister – I already KNOW my life has been (and will be) changed forever!  

To summarize for anyone who doesn’t have faith or believe in God (and his son, Jesus Christ), there is NO DOUBT in my mind that God HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE in complete charge of my life.   He has blessed me since birth (which I might NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN if it had not been for the sacrifice of a selfless birth mother) and held my hand the entire way!  I could go on and on – providing NUMEROUS details to support my statement – but would much rather share them over time!  He has GIVEN, taken away, and GIVEN AGAIN!  He has walked this journey with me – and loved me every step of the way.  I am truly grateful!


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