April 15, 2014 – A BIG DAY FOR MANY REASONS!!!!

I am happy to report that today was an unbelievable day!  I received an email from Mary this morning indicating she made contact with the Richmond office to request permission to provide my birth mother’s information (name, address, and phone number) verbally.  She was running out to a meeting, but promised to give me a call when she received a response.  I was confident she would (not only because she was dependable and kept her word); remembering GOD WAS and IS in control!

she was ABLE to provide me with the verbal information on my birth mother.  I couldn’t believe it!  After all these years, I was being given the name of the woman who gave me life!  Long story short (after much anxiety on my part; WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU SAY TO YOUR BIRTH MOTHER), I called!  She was a HOOT! 

My father-in-law teases me ALL THE TIME about how fast I talk – let me tell you, I don’t hold a candle to this lady!  I didn’t tell her, but I was doing my best to take notes as quickly as I could!  This was my HISTORY!!!  After about 30 minutes chatting about both our families, I asked if she and her daughters were “okay” with everything and if she/they would consider meeting one other.  She said that would be fine (I was able to quickly provide the exact distance/time it would take to get from my home to her home – yep, already googled and printed – I need to be prepared, just in case!).  She asked if I would call one of her daughters (who had been calling every day since last week to see if she’d heard from me!).  I decided to make the call on the drive home – and ended up sitting in the Food Lion parking lot talking for about an hour and a half!  OH MY GOSH!!!!  SHE IS A TRIP!!!!  I absolutely ADORE HER and can’t wait to meet her!!!

I have the phone number of my birth mother’s other daughter, but was too pooped and emotionally drained to call tonight.  I plan to give her a call tomorrow and catch up on the many years we’ve missed.

The other day, I looked up the definition of the word surreal in the dictionary.  I wanted to be sure I knew the EXACT meaning of the word, in the event I needed to use it; this is it:  very strange or unusual : having the quality of a dream.  I’m here to tell you, today was surreal!  Stay tuned for more….



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