Important Realization


In the event any of my Huntington family members are concerned about my recent “birth mother” discovery, I want to put you at ease.  NO ONE ON THIS EARTH could ever replace my mom and dad!  NO ONE could come close to providing me the amazing childhood I was blessed to be given!  NO ONE could EVER replace the depth of love, gratitude, appreciation, and respect I have in my heart for my parents.  AND NO ONE could EVER replace my sister, Tamara (Tammy) Elizabeth Huntington Delp.   In the event you didn’t know her, I can honestly say she was an ANGEL on earth.  She was the kindness high school student I ever knew; I NEVER heard her say a bad word about anyone (my mother either, for that matter).  I remember marveling at her from afar.  I was BLESSED beyond measure and I will treasure their memory FOREVER! 

I just wanted to be certain everyone understands that very important part of this journey.  But I will also tell you I have been “family” lonely for many years – my husband’s family is awesome, but they’re not MINE!  I have no idea what God has in store for me and my birth mother (and her daughters), but I’m here to tell you – I’m open to anything He desires!  I am excited (and scared) of the possibilities!


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