Seventeenth of a Million Memories

Kristina asked me to take her and her friend to Yorktown Beach today.  Honestly, it’s several miles from our home and I was pretty pooped from enjoying the morning and early afternoon at Busch Gardens with my precious Harper Bear (and her mom, of course)!  



Harper loving the ride Li’l Clydes at Busch Gardens today (Williamsburg, Virginia)

The more I thought about taking them to Yorktown, the more I decided I wanted to go; you see I grew up in Yorktown.  Driving to Yorktown Beach would offer me the opportunity to drive by the home where I grew up (and my parents built in 1964).  Not only do I have amazing memories growing up in our home, but I also have great memories of our neighborhood.



Our home in Edgehill, Yorktown, Virginia

Driving through the neighborhood reminded me of many wonderful memories:  the days we rode our bikes (for hours on end).  I remembered the time it flooded and we rode our bikes through the standing water on Grafton District Road.  I remembered Halloween trick or treating for hours; running the entire night!  I remembered the times it snowed and we got to stay home and play outside all day!  

I passed by homes of friends growing up:  the Mayton’s, the Sundy’s, the Sweeney’s, the Labowski’s, the Athey’s, the Wilson’s, the Kopcaynski’s;so many amazing memories!  What a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Not to mention, I wanted to take/post a photo of our home, in the event my birth mom agrees to communicate with me on Monday.  I want to direct her to my blogs to see/read the posts of my amazing childhood!

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