Twelfth of a Million Memories

As I consider my memory for today’s post, I’m watching an episode of NMCI on television.  The characters were just discussing school dances, which gave me the idea for today’s post.

Having an older sister afforded me the opportunity of knowing what’s to come (in life, in school, in everything).  I couldn’t wait to get to middle school to have the opportunity to attend school dances!  I loved to dance and couldn’t wait to get attention from boys!  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I had hoped.  I remember attending a few dances, standing against the wall waiting for a boy to ask me to dance; and never getting asked.  I went home and cried for hours.  I desperately wanted to be prettier, skinnier and more popular, so the boys would like me.

I’m SO excited times have changed: that girls can attend dances WITHOUT a date; girls can dance with a group of girls instead of waiting for a boy to ask them to dance; and girls can have a WONDERFUL time at every dance and not go home to cry for hours.

Me in High School

This picture was taken of me in high school when I volunteered for one of the senior classes school dance.


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