Ninth of a Million Memories

I was raised by a Christian mother.  She not only talked the talk, she walked the walk.  She BELIEVED in prayer and she encouraged her daughters to do the same.

The summer between my 4th and 5th grade year, I remember praying all summer I wouldn’t get one particular teacher known as being hard and mean.  She was an older woman and had never been married; NO ONE wanted her as their teacher.  As God would have it, guess who I got?  Yep, I got THAT teacher!

Early in the school year my dad became seriously ill.  He ended up hospitalized and came very close to dying.  He began bleeding internally and the doctors couldn’t determine why, so the plan was to perform exploratory surgery to locate/correct the problem.  The night prior to the surgery, I remember my mom spending a long time with us in prayer (kneeling at our family couch – the one my dad and I use to lay on EVERY NIGHT while we watched TV!).  I’ll never forget what my mom told me the next afternoon, after the surgery.  She said when my dad was rolled into surgery, it was raining.  When he was rolled out afterward, the sun began to shine.  She felt God was confirming he was going to be okay.  Praise God, HE WAS!!

You may be wondering what the story about my dad has to do with my 5th grade teacher.  It has everything to do with it, because THAT teacher ended up being one of the best and nicest teachers I ever had.  I remember her taking time to ask me how my dad was doing every day until he was completely healed.  She was a REAL blessing.

As I got older, I remember thinking I may have been praying I wouldn’t get that teacher, but I bet my mom was praying I WOULD!!  Ultimately God was in control!  He was then and He is now!  I am so grateful!


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