Eighth of a Million Memories

I decided to write my post tonight on a memory that isn’t so wonderful.  Not because I want to shame or slander my family, but because I don’t want to mislead anyone about my life.

When I was growing up, The Brady Bunch was a HUGE HIT!  I LOVED THAT SHOW!  I watched it every day (and every rerun!).  After watching a few episodes, I remember feeling terrible in the pit of my stomach.  I was too ashamed to say anything….for MANY YEARS!  But I remember thinking, why isn’t my family happy all the time the way the Brady family is.  To you that may sound silly, but to me it was very real.  I was mislead into thinking television was real (not intentionally, but because I believed everything and everyone).  I honestly thought something was terribly wrong with our family because we weren’t ALWAYS happy!

I am grateful to report, as I got older, I realized NO FAMILY is happy all the time.  It’s not humanly possible for any person or family to be perfect.  Compared to the horror stories I now understand exist, I again realize how TRULY blessed I was!

Take away from this memory – BLESSED does NOT equal PERFECT!


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