Seventh of a Million Memories

When I was a little girl, I remember praying for snow so we could get out of school!  I remember looking out the windows at night, getting up over and over again, before falling asleep, to see if it started snowing.  As soon as I woke up the next morning, I would run to look outside to see if we would get to stay home!  I loved staying home!!!

I’m not sure if it was a hurricane that hit our area, but I imagine it was; water was standing on the roads.  I remember all the kids riding their bikes in our neighborhood; the water covered half of our bicycle tires (and higher on some streets).  I can’t remember if it was during the summer or if we got out of school.  I just remember the fun we had playing in the water.  (which probably wasn’t a good idea!)

Whenever a hurricane was being tracked on the weather on television, they would provide the coordinates for families to track.  Our family would mark every one of them on a new map each year.  It became like a game as we all listened very carefully to get the exact coordinates so mom could mark the dots/draw the lines on the map.

Thinking about the “old” days, I remember having a black and white television, remotes were not out yet, and receiving 3 channels (plus 2, if they came in that day).  I remember rotary dial telephones and party lines (where more than one family shared a phone line).  We were taught to carefully pick up the phone and listen before dialing.  We had to be certain no one was on the phone, prior to making a call.

I remember when microwave ovens came out and they were so expensive.  We were hesitant to get one not only because of the expense, but the foreign idea of cooking quickly.  I don’t think my dad purchased a microwave until after my mother passed away in November of 1980.

I don’t recall my father ever having cable television installed in our home.  He didn’t believe we should be charged and pay for television!  Those were the days….


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