Fourth of a Million Memories

Christmas was ALWAYS special in our family!  My mother was a stay at home mom, so money was a little tight.  Don’t interpret this to mean we were poor or went without; we did not.  Although, honestly, it may have just been the way everyone lived at that time.  For example, we only ate at a restaurant on birthdays.  I do remember my parents picking up a pizza (or Fish and Chips) on a few occasions, but no where near as many times as I pick up $ menu meals every week!

I don’t remember getting many “things” throughout the year, but I remember Christmas being HUGE!  We had two Christmas trees: one tree was in the “family” room decorated with children’s toys and one tree was in the “living” room, decorated with ornaments my mother hand-made.  My mom and dad would make fudge, candies and cookies during the month of December (if memory serves, a different batch every night).  Mom would decorate the front of the house, as well as the inside of the house and memories were wonderful every year.  Christmas was a constant.  We always looked forward to it and always loved it.


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