Third of a Million Memories

As I pondered what memory I wanted to share today, I decided to share the “Deer Tour” memory.  You may be wondering what the “Deer Tour” was, to which I would respond, I would LOVE to tell you all about it!!!!

My mom didn’t have a drivers license.  She explained that she was in an auto accident when she was young and rather than get back in the saddle (and drive again), she walked away (literally!). Where we lived when I was growing up, it was impossible to get any place if you didn’t drive.  So, whenever we needed to run to the grocery store for milk or bread, it became a family affair! 

At that time, there was a little store in Grafton called Rich’s (I think that’s spelled correctly) and our family went there all the time to pick up staples.  When we would head home, on occasion, my dad would make a last second turn into the Brother’s Two (at which time, I would CHEER with GREAT excitement!!!).  Brother’s Two was a little hamburger joint where kids our age loved to hang out after school!  The prices were very reasonable and in those days, kids were free to ride their bikes just about any place, without the danger’s we feel today. 

Another item served at Brother’s Two, was ice cream cones!  On those surprise stops, my dad would treat all of us to an ice cream cone and we would go to the “deer tour.” The point of the “tour”, besides finishing our ice cream cones, was to look for deer!  We LOVED to look in the wide open fields, hoping to catch a glimpse of one or two deer frolicking (or eating), and sit perfectly still watching them!  In those days, the deer were few and far between. 

I am sad to report, if I happen to drive by the same location today, there are MILLIONS (or what seems like millions) of deer.  I am always reminded of my parents and how much they would have loved to see them!

The biggest surprise came when I got older and realized our “Deer Tour” was really the Historic Tour Roads in Yorktown,Virginia!


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