Second of a Million Memories

The picture above was taken of me when I was in 5th grade, or pretty close to it.  Every year, my dad and mom would help me come up with a science fair project.  They were both so talented and creative!  It was a big deal in our house each year and I always looked forward to it.  I was SO PROUD of this solar system my dad and I made; this was in the days prior to Michael’s pre-made solar system kits.  I remember my dad and I planning how the planets would be mounted and would hang off of the piece of metal – floating freely.  I KNEW I would win a blue ribbon for this project – no question!!!!  

About a week before the science fair, I turned in a goofy homework assignment my teacher convinced me to enter in the science fair at the last minute.  I thought it was a goofy project – it was a simple piece of poster board, containing various plants/flowers from our area.  I hadn’t put nearly the effort into the poster and didn’t anticipate winning a thing.  I guess the truth of the matter is that I was extremely competitive and didn’t want to waste my time.

I will NEVER FORGET discovering my solar system received an honorable mention and the stupid flower poster won a BLUE RIBBON!!!!!  

I remember another year I entered the most amazing Indian village.  I can still see it in my mind.  We took a cardboard box, pasted thousands of pictures of woods/trees from magazines on all three sides.  We created canoes out of construction paper, adding magazine photos of water underneath.  We also had numerous tee-pees made from construction paper, with photos of grass covering the remainder of the box bottom.  I remember it looked AMAZING and I was SO PROUD!  I (We) won a blue ribbon for that entry too!!!!

(As a side note on the photo above, I LOVE that my mom’s Bible was sitting on the dining table and happened to be included in this photo.  My mother was the most amazing Christian woman who consistently WALKED the walk.  I was incredibly blessed to be loved and influenced by her!)


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