First of a MILLION memories!

One of my fondest memories of Christmas growing up was making Christmas presents for all of our Aunts and Uncles.  My mother was EXTREMELY crafty and EVERY YEAR we made homemade presents for every aunt and uncle (my mom had two brothers and two sisters – my dad had one brother and two sisters).  She would pick a craft, purchase the items needed to create the craft and lay all the pieces out on our dining room table.   To understand the significance of this event, you need to understand the importance of our dining room.  As children, we were not allowed to “play” in the living room or the dining room.  These rooms were considered, almost, sacred.  They were only used for special occasions – and mostly with company!

Each year my mom would do most of the work; she was so amazing (at least to me).  One year, I remember making kitty cat telephone pads with about a million pieces of felt (on each cat).  She cut out every piece of felt – and I’m talking TINY PIECES of felt!  One year, I remember making the nativity scene under an upside down wine glass.  I can’t even begin to remember all the crafts we made.  I remember this “event” reaching back to my beginnings.

As an adult, I realize how special this was each year.  I remember my mom telling us that our relatives looked forward to these gifts more than any other each year.  Not only did we make the crafts, but my mom and dad would package them up and take them to the post office to mail EVERY YEAR!  I consider that quite a feat!  (But, then again, I’m not good at doing these things.)

As I consider what’s important in life, I honestly think events like these were instrumental in creating my priorities.  My mom always taught us to put family first!  I was so blessed!


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