Fifteenth of a Million Memories

Fifteenth of a Million Memories

Stay tuned tomorrow for this post – my granddaughter, Harper Noelle, was the priority tonight!

I am incredibly blessed!


Fourteenth of a Million Memories

My memory this evening is sort of a spin-off of yesterday’s post – it has to do with my love of music.

When I was either in Elementary School or Middle School (I honestly don’t remember which), I had the privilege of attending a York High School Musical.  To say my life was changed would be an understatement!  I remember exiting the auditorium that night thinking, I CAN’T WAIT TO GO TO HIGH SCHOOL SO I CAN BE IN THE MUSICAL!  I’m happy to report that EVERY SINGLE YEAR they had a musical, I WAS IN IT!  One years there was no musical due to the building of a new auditorium.  I (as well as many others) WAS DEVISDATED!

Part of the joy of being in the musical was having the opportunity to associate with the Musical Director, Mr. Mike Sullivan!  He was an AMAZING man!  Everyone thought the world of him and I can honestly say, he was an amazing role model!  He was ALWAYS positive and he treated every student as thought they were the most important person on stage!  He taught us commitment, teamwork, professionalism, and the JOY OF SUCCESS due to hard work!

One of many marvelous musical memories was the final weeks leading to the performance.  We would practice late into the evenings, eating covered dish supers brought to the school by the parents.  You talk about EXCELLENT FOOD, FUN and FELLOWSHIP!  What awesome memories!

Honestly, I can’t imagine what my high school career would have been like without the musical!


Yours truly in the bottom photo!  What a HOOT!

Thirteenth of a Million Memories

As long as I can remember, I have always loved music.  I was raised in a family that loved music.  My mother was an AMAZINGLY talented pianist; she could play ANYTHING by ear!

I remember music planing on the record player (yes, you read that correctly.  Photograph provided below in the event you’ve never seen one!) all the time growing up; listening to various musicians.  Some of my mom’s favorites (which became my favorites) were Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and Englebert Humperdinck!

Herb and Brass

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass pictured above and below one of my MANY favorite albums!

Herb Alpert

Englebert          Englebert Younger Days

Englebert Humperdinck – NOW and THEN!

Record Player

Record Player

My sister had a record player very similar to the one pictured above.  I use to take it in the back yard to serenade the neighbors (whether they wanted to be or NOT!).  My favorite album was THE SOUND OF MUSIC!  The HILLS WERE ALIVE right in my back yard!!!!  I remember it as though it was yesterday!

The Sound of Music

I am so thankful I was exposed to music; it continues to speak to me in ways nothing else can.  I remain blessed!

After the Ball

After the Ball

My good friend and I share a love/appreciation for art! Although our views conflict at times, I truly enjoy seeing what the Metropolitan Museum of Art Calendar has in store each day!

I thought it was rather amazing after my post yesterday concerning dances and tears, the art for today was entitled “After the Ball” created in 1874! Alfred Stevens (Belgian, Brussels 1823–1906 Paris)/oil on canvas. Guess girls have been sharing my feelings for a very long time!

Twelfth of a Million Memories

As I consider my memory for today’s post, I’m watching an episode of NMCI on television.  The characters were just discussing school dances, which gave me the idea for today’s post.

Having an older sister afforded me the opportunity of knowing what’s to come (in life, in school, in everything).  I couldn’t wait to get to middle school to have the opportunity to attend school dances!  I loved to dance and couldn’t wait to get attention from boys!  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I had hoped.  I remember attending a few dances, standing against the wall waiting for a boy to ask me to dance; and never getting asked.  I went home and cried for hours.  I desperately wanted to be prettier, skinnier and more popular, so the boys would like me.

I’m SO excited times have changed: that girls can attend dances WITHOUT a date; girls can dance with a group of girls instead of waiting for a boy to ask them to dance; and girls can have a WONDERFUL time at every dance and not go home to cry for hours.

Me in High School

This picture was taken of me in high school when I volunteered for one of the senior classes school dance.

Eleventh of a Million Memories

One of my favorite summer memories was LUNCH!  You may be thinking, what a pig!  The reason I liked lunch in the summer wasn’t because of the food; it was because of the lunch table.  If my dad was working the “midnight shift” or the morning shift, he wouldn’t be home or awake to eat lunch; but if he was working the “4-12” shift he would be.  That was my favorite!  I really was a Daddy’s girl!

My parents were born in 1920 and 1922.  They lived during difficult economic times and through our nation’s depression.  At lunch, my parents would share stories of their youth, their “courtship,” their early married years, etc.  I LOVED to hear every one of them (even multiple times!) and would beg them to share.  I remember on more than one occasion, my mom looking up at the clock to see we had been sitting there for hours; which was perfectly fine with me!

I always loved when dad would share about his life as a young boy.  He told us he use to deliver milk every morning in a horse-drawn wagon (even weekdays before school).  He explained that the wagon was covered, but it had openings on both sides – so he could exit on either side of the street.  He said he had delivered milk to the same homes for so long, the horses had the route memorized (and timed).  My dad was an athlete so he ran when he delivered the milk.  Not only did he finish faster when he ran, but he would get inside faster (where it was warm).  On this particular occasion, it was a snowy and icy morning (which didn’t cancel or delay his job – the milk still had to be delivered).  About mid-way through the run, as he was approaching the wagon to jump back in, he hit a patch of ice.  Fortunately, he still landed in the wagon, but unfortunately, he slid completely through the wagon and fell out the other side!  The horses automatically took off for the next stop!  My dad had to run to catch the wagon before the horses took off at the next stop!

What I haven’t told you is that my dad grew up in South Dakota, where the winters were brutal.  And, of course, my dad had to walk to school in the snow, up hill both ways!  (For the younger ones reading, parents were famous for telling stories of how hard their lives were in comparison to the easy lives of their children.  And we, the children, had to make fun of everything they said.)

Tenth of a Million Memories

One of the many blessings I experienced growing up was playing “Aunt Terry” to my amazing nephew, Christopher!  I remember being so excited when I found out my sister was pregnant!  A few years after Christopher was born, when my brother-in-law, Jerry, got out of the Army, they lived with my parents for a short period of time (I was still in high school at the time, obviously living at home too!). I was so blessed to have the opportunity to grow close to my nephew, as a result.  I remember dancing and singing with him in our living room; throwing him from one hip to the other, while he LAUGHED OUT LOUD to “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel!  His precious little giggle changed my life!

I found a video of the song here: (listen Christopher, tell me if you remember, especially 3:10 minutes into the song!)

I remember how much my mom and dad adored having him in our home!  When you get older (being a grandparent), you realize what’s most important in life.  The silly things that concerning you when you were younger, you realize don’t matter one bit.  Now that I’m a grandmother, I can relate to the feeling of complete joy sharing precious (yet, simple) moments of everyday life.

Christopher , I hope you know how very special you were (and always will be) to me!  I love you with all my heart!

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