Matt Chandler – Exponential Conference 2011

  • We don’t have to agree about everything – we need to quit judging each other.
  • The Apostle Paul called people out in the Bible – by name.
  • Peter and John engaged everyone – they both empowered the Church – do ministry in a way it will affect others – it’s messy
  • NEVER discount ministry that came before us
  • Acts 15 – Paul refuses to take John Mark – Barnabas attempts to convince Paul to change his mind (which doesn’t work) – creating the spread of the Gospel to both the NORTH & WEST!
  • God chooses people to be successful – He uses them to change His World
  • God’s affection for me is based on JESUS on the cross (nothing I have done)
  • Look to Jesus, the founder and perfector of our faith.
  • God moments – when God allows things to happen to us to change the path of our life – for HIM.  We will understand one day
  • We are tied to God more tightly when bad things happen to us
  • The Glory of God is not that He uses us in our glory – He picks us to be His messenger!  DON’T celebrate the messenger…
  • Shame doesn’t beget shame – we’ve been set free to pursue Him!
  • God loves you NOW – not when you’re perfected!
  • What the devil meant for destruction – God used to display His Grace.
  • Let the Spirit Work!
  • There is NO SIN more powerful than the Cross of Christ!
  • Grace made real = Freedom
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Power
  • Pray for the gift of repentance – get help to determine what’s driving the behavior

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