Stressed-Less Living Bible Study – Week 1 – Day 1


I made the decision to start my day early – allowing extra time to begin reading Chapter 1 of my new Bible study – Stressed-Less Living.  Tonight, as I review the assignment on-line, I see that I jumped the gun!  I was not to begin reading Chapter 1 until tomorrow; in a way I cheated (accidentally).

First Question for today:  What do you think the real problem is?  As I began reading the chapter, I understood every word the author shared (as well as what Melissa’s shared on her blog post today).  I have been there/done that (as they say).  Not only have I done it – I learned what the real problem was (is)!  And I agree completely – the real problem is  ME!!!!!

The second question for today:  Which of the verses from this lesson mean the most to you and how can you apply it today?  I would have to say Psalm 34:17:  The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help.  He rescues them from all their troubles.

I can apply this perfectly in my life at this very moment.  Without going into great detail, several things in my life are changing – without me having one ounce of control in the process.   If I focus on the fact that HE hears me call on him – and he rescues me – then no matter what happens in life’s situations, I’ll be just fine!  I can dwell IN HIM and be extremely blessed!

I am truly grateful!


We moved back home!

2013 Porch 2 2013 Kitchen 2 2013 Kitchen 2013 Dining Room 2 2013 Dining Room 2013 Porch 3 2013 Porch 2013 Kritina and Izzy 2013 Front Hall 2013 Front Hall 2 2013 Living Room 2013 Front Hall Straight On

Although I was not able to spend Easter Sunday in Church, we were incredibly blessed to move home! September 15th our home caught fire and many blessings later, we moved back into our brand new home! Please share our joy!

More photos coming soon…..