Let.It.Go – Sunday – Day 1


As always, I’m extremely excited to get started on a NEW study!  There’s something about the word “NEW”!  I can think of several things I have started and didn’t finish – because the new got old.  Well, the last Bible study group leader challenged each of us to COMMIT to one-another, to finish the entire study, and come to our weekly gatherings prepared.  She had us sign each other’s books, showing our committment.  I took her request very seriously!  I think there was only one week I hadn’t finished the lesson when we met, but made sure I finished it before the next weekly gathering.  The funny thing is that I GREW and was blessed more than I could have ever blessed anyone else!  There is something undefinable about spending time WITH GOD IN HIS WORD!

As I start this new study, I have “signed the cover” of each of the other ladies’ books (in my imagination) and promise to stay faithful until the end!

On this wonderful Sunday afternoon, I am planning to read ahead in our book – knowing how my weeks can get (working full time, driving my girls to practices, etc., spending time with my precious granddaughter!)  I have a feeling I’ll be posting more later today – most likely the sentences I have underlined/highlighted/jotted down on paper!  I love growing!


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