New Bible Studies!

I told a friend today how much I appreciated sharing my faith walk with them.  I am reenergized to DIG DEEP in His Word!  I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I’m walking WITH HIM!

I will be starting two on-line Bible studies next week.  One on the Book of Psalms and one is a Book Study – Let.It.Go.  I can’t wait to start both of them!  As a matter of fact, I am starting this new blog to devote to Bible study (plus a few extras, I’m sure)!

I am extremely blessed to have three wonderful children:  Peter, Brooke and Kristina (ages 29, 15 and 13) and one PRECIOUS granddaughter!  Her name is Harper Noelle and she is 5 (almost 6) months old!  I have a feeling you will be seeing lots of pictures of all of them!!!!

I am planning to start my real posts tomorrow night.  Please stay tuned for more!

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